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According to The Motorcycle Safety Foundation

QUICK TIPS:  Should You Ride A Motorcycle?  
Riding a motorcycle is a unique experience.  Riding is fun and invigorating, yet the skills
needed for safe riding, combined with the lack of car-like crash protection on a
motorcycle, can cast doubts on whether a person should choose to ride a motorcycle.  
Some potential riders lack the ability to execute skilled and timely actions in a complex
traffic environment; others lack keen judgment or don’t have a firm grasp of the concept
of risk management.  

MSF believes that motorcycling isn’t for everyone.  If you’re considering becoming a
rider, however, here are some questions for you to use as a self-assessment of the
physical capabilities and mental attitude required to safely navigate a motorcycle on the

1.  Are you a higher risk-taker than others you know?  If you tend to need a thrill while
driving a car and have aggressive or risky tendencies (following too closely,
turning without signaling, talking on a cell phone, getting angry at other drivers,
etc.), motorcycling may not be for you.  While motorcycling improves the overall
quality of life for many, for some it can lead to disaster.  Thinking that accidents
only happen to others is an attitude that will get you in trouble.

2.  Can you ride a bicycle?  This is a prerequisite for enrolling in our Basic
RiderCourse and generally a good gauge of your ability to maneuver a motorcycle.
Bicycling, like motorcycling, is a physical activity that involves balance and
coordination.  And speaking of coordination …

3.  Can you drive a stick-shift car?  This is not a requirement, but it may make
learning to ride easier because almost all motorcycles have manual transmissions.  
If you can’t get the hang of shifting gears but still want to enjoy a powered twowheeler, you might want to start out on a motor scooter.  Motor scooters generally have automatic transmissions and come in many sizes, from simpler models with an engine size of 50 cubic centimeters (cc) to powerful 650cc models.

4.  Do you see well?  Riding a motorcycle requires special perceptual skills that rely
on good vision.  Have you had an eye examination recently?  Do you tend to see
things that are far away later than other people you know?  The ability to see well
ahead is important for safe riding. 5. Are you mechanically inclined?  Today’s motorcycles are very reliable machines,
but with all the bolts, nuts, and mechanisms out in the open, and only two tires
connecting you to the pavement, you need to be able to inspect your equipment
and make the occasional minor adjustment.  You don’t need to be a master
mechanic, but it helps to know your way around a tire pressure gauge and a
wrench.  Most everything a rider needs to know is in the motorcycle owner’s
manual, and if you’ve never read your car owner’s manual, that could be a sign
that motorcycling is not for you.

6. Are you safety-minded?  If you routinely find yourself bandaged up after doing
simple do-it-yourself projects around the house, or think it’s acceptable to operate
a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, the unique challenges of motorcycle
riding may not be compatible with your decision-making.  Riders can control their
situation only if safety is a high priority.  Millions of motorcyclists ride millions of
miles without incident, and they likely take safety seriously.   

7. Do you respect machinery and other equipment that has risk?  For example, when
using a lawn mower or chainsaw, do you maintain it properly and wear
eye/ear/hand protection when needed?  If you’re not serious about safety in
connection with simple machinery and equipment whose improper use can lead to
serious injury, you may not respect motorcycling enough to follow safety
precautions.  Successful riders know that safety isn’t a matter of luck, but a matter
of doing the right things to minimize risk.   

8. Can you focus?  Inattention is a major cause of crashes.  Safe motorcycling
requires dedicated attention to the immediate task and a keen awareness of
everything going on 360 degrees around you.  Rush-hour traffic aboard a
motorcycle is not the place to be daydreaming.  For instance, if you find yourself
overusing your brakes because you were caught off-guard, or are often surprised
by a passing car or truck you didn’t see, your situational awareness could be less
than adequate.

9. Can you handle your car in an emergency?  Drivers don’t often have the need to
brake hard or swerve to miss a crash, but it’s important to have the skills to be able
to do so when needed.  On a motorcycle, having these types of skills is essential
because other highway users tend not to see motorcyclists in traffic, especially
around intersections.

10. Are you willing to invest some time in learning to ride the right way before hopping
on a bike?  Your best “first ride” is a Basic RiderCourse where you can familiarize
yourself with the safe operation of a motorcycle.  You can even take the course as
an experiment, to help you better understand the dynamics of good riding and to
determine if motorcycling is right for you.



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YAHOO! Contributor Labels Racy Rentals as the Top Sports Bike Rental Agency in California!

For all the Bike Fanatics out there, you ever wondered what it would feel like to actually cruise down a California Coast on of those sassy luxurious Motorcycles you see on TV? Or in movies? Or better yet watching one of your favorite videos and seeing the hottest bike being driven by the Celeb?

I started chatting with a young lady who happened to be looking for something special and different for her dad this father’s day. She said over the years she bought him golf clubs, jackets, dinner, breakfast, bread and breakfast with mom. All the usual stuff.

She wanted him to have or do something to bring out the young Star Guy in him, something daring, the very thing her mom fell in love with when she first married him, the daring, adventurous, chance taking tough guy with a big heart her mom fell in love with. This was of course before the “careful” guy he became when they started having kids and planning for sons to carry the tough guy torch and he happened to have all girls. He ended up having 3 daughters, one of whom, liked to fix cars, drive fast cars, loved Harley’s and sports bikes, could change a tire in 15 minutes, and load an M16 with no problem.

So I started doing some digging around for non-traditional things fathers can do. We researched snorkeling gifts for families not much there, unless you’re in a tropical island. We researched, amusement parks, we laughed at that one because he says this is father’s day, my day to do what I love. We then came upon Motorcycles, and said O great let’s rent him a Harley. She then said he has had 3 of them in her life. We then came across BMW and Ducati Sports Bikes! Not only were they sexy, but they were clean, and had the luxurious feel of the BMW and the sleek fit of what Ducati’s are known for.

We started researching them more and found that very few companies had even rented them. We started looking over the photos and specifics and said wow, this is it. She sent the photos to her dad and asked him what he thought of the bikes, he said I would love that, if only I could afford it! We giggled as she set her intention to rent him one over the weekend for father’s day.

So ladies and gentlemen, if you’re looking for something fun to do this father’s day, A BMW bike or Ducati might be in order! We found one company in So Cal that gives the entire experience for a nice price! We looked at it and said ok! This is the NUMBER 1 MOTORCYCLE BIKE RENTAL IN SO CAL! I may not be able to outright afford to buy one! But we sure as heck can rent one! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!

Just so you can see what we mean here is a few photos of these bikes!



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New Partners

Racy Rentals now has two new tour partners: 1) local Hollywood/LA and canyons tours (with Beverly Hills Scooter Club) as mentioned in the picture below and 2) long term tours which will be announced soon.

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New Toys from Racy Rentals

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2012 BMW F800R

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2011 BMW S1000RR

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2011 GSXR 600

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